The Seed of a Little Boy's Fighting Spirit

"The Seed of a Little Boy's Fighting Spirit"

Our Partners

Eastern University
In 2008, The Jordan Foundation took a giant leap forward by partnering with Eastern University in St. Davids, PA.  Eastern University and The Jordan Foundation share a common mission of service and education to those who need it the most.  Eastern provides a homebase for The Jordan Foundation to expand its after-school and summer academic tutoring programs.  Eastern University allows The Jordan Foundation use of its physical plant which includes: library, computers, state-of-the-art classrooms as well as its athletic facilities.  The campus is a safe haven for our inner-city population to enjoy as well as providing a professional environment conducive to learning.

Teachers at The Academy in Manayunk
The Academy in Manayunk
Provides academic tutoring for the foundation.
Math, Wilson Reading, Reading Comprehension, Writing Skills, Vocabulary, Study Skills, SAT and ACT standardized testing preparation.  Classrooms equipped with computers and state of the art learning technology.  Gymnasium for Movement Education program for 9-12 year-olds.  Tutors are certified teachers and specialists in their fields.

Chestnut Hill Educational Services
Chestnut Hill Educational Services is owned and operated by Mandy Marion and Ginny Maine.  Mandy and Ginny have more than 30 years of combined experience in education and over 15 years experience in the test preparation business.  The have worked successfully with hundreds of students in the greater Philadelphia area and surrounding suburban counties.
CHES serves as the academic tutors for the students in The Jordan Foundation; providing academic course counseling and SAT/ACT coaching.  Ginny and Mandy's curriculum includes working with school counselors to ensure improvement in academic studies.

Dr. Arthur Bartolozzi

Renown Orthopedic Surgeon in Philadelphia and the Tri-State area

Megan Sweeney, MSED, CSAC, LPC
Certified Clinical Psychologist who handles family, group, individual counseling

Charter Schools - Philadelphia Technical & Nueva Esperanza Academy
Life line for us to take kids out of the poor neighborhood public schools.
Offers smaller classes.
Better learning environment
ZERO tolerance for behavior issues