The Seed of a Little Boy's Fighting Spirit

"The Seed of a Little Boy's Fighting Spirit"

How it Began

Our Story

On February 14th of 1990, Congens and Joan Aquilante welcomed a sixth child to their beautiful family.  Jordan Michael was born premature, weighing only 1.5 pounds at birth.  Jordan had the looks of his mother, the fight of his father, and the love of his siblings.  Soon after Jordan's arrival, he was stricken with pneumonia.  His little body battled the sickness for almost two months, but finally succumbed in April.  A little boy was taken from his family...but the seed of a little boy's fighting spirit was planted.

Later in 1990, Con Aquilante opened an indoor baseball training facility.  Con and his team used their baseball knowledge to motivate and mentor youth baseball players through camps, lessons, and clinics.  It was during his initial years of mentoring youth baseball players where Con began to develop his curriculum of life management strategies.

When the players grew in age, Con began to incorporate college placement into his program.  Con spent many days traveling to, and listening to college coaches lecture on the recruiting process of collegiate athletes.  It was through these lectures that he gained the knowledge that so many High Schools lacked.

In 2003, the seed really began to blossom.  It was during this year that Con's thoughts turned towards helping those less fortunate; those who could not afford his service.

In 2004, a 5 hour meeting took place between Con and the Marian Anderson Rec Center in South Philadelphia.  The Rec Center is dedicated to teaching and promoting baseball to inner city kids of Philadelphia.  Soon after their meeting, coaches from the Rec Center began to bring out 6 kids twice a week to work with Con and his staff...and thus The Jordan Foundation was formed in September of 2004.

In 2007, the Foundation has extended its arms even further into the community.  The success that we have had over the years made us realize that we can help any child willing to dedicate themselves to a better future.  Thus, the Foundation  is now providing hope to all underprivileged children in the Tri-State Area.