The Seed of a Little Boy's Fighting Spirit

"The Seed of a Little Boy's Fighting Spirit"

The Jordan Foundation Youth Intervention Curriculum

Upon enrollment into The Youth Intervention Curriculum, an action plan is developed in order to build a path to success.

The Student's Action Plan will determine which components of The Jordan Foundation's Youth Intervention Curriculum will be needed for the year.

Educational Supplementation
  • Six Week Summer School Session
  • 10 month a year individual academic tutoring
  • Ongoing Academic Performance Testing
  • SAT Prep Assistance
  • Individual Counseling
  • Partner with High School counselors to focus on areas of potential concern

Life Management Strategies
  • Workshops:  Formulas for Success
  • Time Management Training
  • Character Development
  • Problem Solver
  • Overcoming Fear
  • How to Make a Good Decision
  • Family Counseling and Intervention

Baseball Instruction

  • Skills Development
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Health/Nutrition Education and Planning


 College Marketing

  • Participation in College Baseball Camp
  • College Visits
  • Athletic Department Interviews
  • College Application Preparation
  • Financial Aid, Academic & Athletic Recruitment Package Development
  • Staff Representation